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60V, 3.4A, 0.075 ohms, 4 pin SIP

The SDM4102 is a DC, single-pole, single-throw, normally closed solid-state relay in a 4 pin single inline package. The relay consists of an AlGaAs LED, optically coupled to a high performance Photo Diode Array (PDA), which in turn drives one low on-resistance, rugged source-to-source depletion type DMOS transistor. The SDM4102 has an extremely low on resistance of 50mohm (TYP) and a very high continuous load current rating of up to 3.4A. The combination of low on-resistance, small package outline and high load current capabilities make the SDM4102 a unique, unparalleled solid state relay. The SDM4102 comes standard in a 4 pin SIP package.

Features Applications
  • Low On Resistance (75mOhm MAX)
  • High Continuous Load Current (3.4A)
  • Low Input Control Power Consumption (2mA TYP)
  • High Input / Output Isolation Voltage (3.75kVrms)
  • RoHS / Pb Free / REACH Compliant
  • Telecom switching
  • Tip/Ring control
  • PCMCIA modules
  • Multiplexers
  • Meter reading systems
  • Data acquisition
  • Medical equipment
  • Battery monitoring
  • Home/Safety security systems


Download Data Sheet

The SDM4102 Data Sheet includes the Complete Overview, Electrical Characteristics, and Schematic Diagrams.


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