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Solid State Optronics


We at SSO are committed to Total Quality in all aspects of our Company Operations. In support of our quality policy, we incorporate the concepts of Statistical Process Control, Cost of Quality, Zero Defect Performance Standards, and an ISO9000 quality system into our everyday operations.

We monitor quality and continually seek to improve it in the following areas:

Product Quality

All components and finished goods undergo rigorous reliability testing and 100% electrical testing to assure that our products conform to specifications and to guarantee Customer satisfaction.

We also offer Customer-specific testing upon request.

Excellent Application Knowledge / Honest Technical Support

When engaging with our Customers, our goal is to provide honest, insightful technical advice to assure the best possible solution to their application requirements.


Through continuous quality improvement, we strive to offer Customers the highest value for their purchase.


A "perfect" product which arrives late is no longer perfect. We therefore communicate delivery schedules in an open and honest manner. We then strive to make sure that our commitments are maintained.

Customer Service

100% Customer satisfaction is our goal. From initial inquiries to post-sales support, all activities of our organization is oriented to meriting the trust you place in us to fulfill your requirements.

The Environment

We care about the environment. All our products are RoHS Compliant, Pb Free and REACH Compliant.