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Solid State Optronics

About Solid State Optronics

Solid State Optronics (SSO) was founded in 1982 in San Jose, California, the Capital of Silicon Valley. Driven by a passion for technology and the singular goal of creating innovative products for a developing and underserved market, SSO was an industry pioneer in the design and manufacture of miniature Solid State Relays (SSRs).

Electro-Mechanical Relays (EMRs) had already been around for some time and were ubiquitous. The technical advantages of SSRs, such as...

  • Bounce free switching
  • High reliability
  • Low drive current requirements
  • Miniature package size
  • No mechanical wear & tear
  • High input-to-output potential isolation
  • EMI & RFI immunity

... were well understood but miniature SSRs would need design and manufacturing advances to become commercially viable.

Building on earlier advances in solid state technology and semiconductor fabrication, SSO developed proprietary, patented technologies in Solid State Relay (SSR) designs. At its inception, at a time when competitors were touting reduction of complexity down to 13 discrete components, SSO's only had 5—making the SSR easier to assemble, while improving reliability and cost.

SSO was the first company to offer over-current protection in miniature 4pin SOP, garnering it a Product of the Year Award when introduced. Our linear optocouplers offer the most accurate servo to feedback ratio (ΔK3) in the industry.

R&D is a continuous process at SSO and is part of our company's DNA. This spirit guides our product development today.

Innovation / Broad Product Offering

Looking forward, we seek to preserve our pioneering soul while pursuing continued growth—assuring Customers of our past and our commitment to the future.

While SSO's innovations in Solid State Relays continue unabated we have also expanded our product offering to over 200 devices, including many other optically isolated switching devices, such as;

  • Optocouplers – Phototransistor Output, Linear and High Speed Analog & Digital
  • MOSFET Drivers
  • Triac Drivers
  • IGBT Drivers
  • Specialty, Custom products
  • and Hi-Temp / Hi-Rel devices

Working with SSO…

Experience / Technical Support

Our extensive industry experience allows us to provide intelligent and honest technical support. In our over 30 years of operations, we've helped numerous Customers, Researchers and Product Developers find the right optically-isolated switching solution, whether in our standard product line, or by offering devices tailored to their needs.

Don't see what you want?

No problem. With our vast experience, we likely have a solution for you. And if the right solution is not in our product offering, why, we'll tell you that too.