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Solid State Optronics

Optically Isolated Semiconductor Switching Devices

With over 200 products, knowledgeable technical support and over 30 years of industry experience, Solid State Optronics (SSO) is the source for optically isolated switching devices such as MOSFET Output Solid State Relays, AC Output Solid State Relays, Optocouplers, TRIAC Drivers, MOSFET Drivers, IGBT Drivers, and Specialty Products (such as Integrated Telecom Switches).

Output SSRs
Output SSRs


MOS Output Solid State Relays (SSRs) are the most reliable, technically advanced logic-to-power interface devices available. Their basic function is to take a low current signal from a microprocessor to control the switching of both AC and DC loads, while providing an isolation barrier between logic and power.

AC Output SSRs

AC Output Solid State Relays (SSRs) provide an optically-isolated means of switching AC Loads. Activated by the application of a logic level signal, these SCR-based devices tend to be more robust than their MOSFET Output counterparts, typically making them better suited to industrial switching applications wherein a load may connect directly to an AC Line.


Optocouplers provide a means of optically-isolated signal coupling. Whereas SSO's MOSFET and SCR Output SSRs provide integrated switching solutions, our broad line of optocouplers allow for flexibility where completely electronically isolated devices can be coupled discretely to a wide range of load handling components such as Power MOSFETs and TRIACs.

MOSFET Drivers

Also referred to as MOSFET Gate Drivers or Gate Drive Optocouplers, SSO Photo-Voltaic MOSFET Drivers are an optically-isolated means of driving discrete MOSFETs. Unlike conventional MOSFET Drivers, Photo-Voltaic MOSFET Drivers require no complex and costly external power supply circuitry to operate.

IGBT Drivers

IGBTs are commonly used in power electronic applications such as Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Solar inverters, Inductive heating, Motor Control, HF Welding and other PWM applications that require high switching speeds. SSO’s offering of Optically-Isolated IGBT Drivers provides high level of input to output isolation (5kVrms) between low voltage control circuits (such as microcontrollers) and the high voltage circuits of IGBTs and Power MOSFETs

TRIAC Drivers

Also known as a Phototriac Coupler, a TRIAC Driver is a specific type of optocoupler that is used exclusively to provide an optically-isolated gate drive current to a TRIAC. This allows designers greater flexibility in selecting the gate drive current and isolation value desired separately from the TRIAC required. The TRIAC Driver + TRIAC combination is a common means of creating a discrete, high powered SSR

Specialty Products

Specialty Products include a wide range of devices that are either hybrid in nature, custom in design or application or otherwise do not fit in conventionally defined product families. Optically isolated coupling to broad range of defined output types Low input control current Optically-isolated function integration in a single package Consolidated circuit functions into a single device, freeing up valuable board space and reducing component count, including: SSRs + Optocoupler and SSR + Bridge Rectifier +Darlington + Optocoupler

High-Temp / Hi-Rel

As an innovative company, we work closely with our Customers to understand and respond to your requirements. In addition to custom products, SSO also offers Hi-Temp and Hi-Rel versions of many of our standard products to address the demands of your applications.